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Hi, I am in love with the fact that this blog exists! I was just wondering if you could make it so that it had a mobile layout for when someone is browsing from their iPhone or android? I find it awfully difficult to navigate through your blog when I'm blogging from the go! Thank you! x

Hi! I’m glad your enjoying the blog. I changed it ;) 

hugs to you


Hey I love your blog love sade!!! check out my illustration of her it's the first picture on my blog :D

That’s cool!

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Sade - The Sweetest Taboo

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Happy Birthday to Ms. Sade Adu who turns 54 today!

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just wanted to thank you.

Aww thank you. Glad your enjoying the page :)

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I love your page. Thank you so very much i am so glad i found it.

Thank you! I’m glad you love it :)

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sooooo glad this blog exists!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!

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