Sade - Sweetest Taboo Live.

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Sade - By Your Side

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Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us

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Sade Bio - Part One of Two (VH1)

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On creating the perfect live show

JUNE 21, 2011

"When I do something, I want it to be great, like I want it to be the best suit you’ve ever made if you’re a tailor, not polyester," Sade told Rolling Stone backstage at the kick off of her band’s latest North American tour in Baltimore, Maryland. “I didn’t want to go straight out when we first finished the album,” she says, speaking of their 2010 record Soldier of Love. “I just wasn’t ready for it. I want it to be amazing. We could go out and just sort of perform, but I think we’ve already done that in our recording. You’ve got to represent the music in a visual way.”

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Sade - Smooth Operator (Extended Video)

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Sade - Is It A Crime ‘93

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Sade - Soldier Of Love on Jonathan Ross

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Sade talks about songwriting (1993)

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Sade on The Chris Rock Show 2000

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Sade - How She Became A Star

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Sade - Cherish The Day (Tonight Show, 1993)

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